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Save Those Boxes!

By Kay on Thu, Jun 21, 2007

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A few weeks ago, My sister-in-law and I were talking about how to store baby gear between babies and she mentioned a great idea that she had read somewhere. We both thought it was great advice and that I should most definitely share it here…

Save your boxes.

You know – all those huge boxes that the car seat, the stroller, the high chair, and the swing came in. Put them in your attic while the items are in use. Then when baby #1 is done with them, put them back in their original boxes in the attic. It will keep them protected, clean, and easy to store until you’re ready to pull them back down for baby #2.

Of course, you could always just do like I did and have babies 1, 2, and 3 so close together that you never actually put all the baby gear completely away. I’m not necessarily recommending this method for you, I just know that it’s the way it happened for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for the great idea, Tiffany!

Swimming Lesson Advice from a Pro

By Kay on Mon, Jun 4, 2007

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I have a good friend who used to teach swimming lessons every summer in her back yard pool. She has taught most of the kids I know and has also trained lifeguards for years. Wouldn’t you know that the year that I’m ready to put Kate in swimming lessons, my friend is out of the business. ๐Ÿ™ So, the next best thing is what I’m listing here: her advice to me about how to scope out a person or place that offers swimming lessons. Hope this helps you the way that it helped me!

  1. Try to get in a class that has 6 or less kids.
  2. Make sure the class meets at least 4 days in a row. Normally they meet 4 days in a row for 2 weeks.
  3. Try to meet the teacher ahead of time, since it is all about relationships and how the teacher will do with your particular kid’s personality.
  4. Find out how the teacher will deal with getting face wet and how they will handle kids that don’t want to do what they are asked. My opinion is that you want them to lovingly lead your kid rather than force them.
  5. Above all, if the class has more than 2 students per teacher you will need to stay
    where you can watch your kids because a teacher almost always turns her back to at least one student and that is when that student chooses to do something brave!!

Holy cow!! Great use of visuals to help explain the proposed budget cuts and their actual impact on the overall budget.

You’ll never fold tshirts the same way again!

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A little on the political side, but interesting nonetheless…

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