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It’s Too Quiet… Again

By Kay on Sat, Nov 17, 2007


If you’re an avid reader of my blog (aren’t you all? πŸ™‚ ) then you’ve read my previous post entitled, “It’s Too Quiet…” about my oldest two kiddos’ fun in their bathroom. If that were a movie, then this would be the sequel…

I was sitting in my living room on the couch with my oldest, Kate, just enjoying catching up on emails and skimming through my favorite blogs when it suddenly hit me… I had been smelling something quite strong for the last few minutes. I stopped emailing mid-sentence, looked at Kate and said, “What’s that smell?” As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I knew what I was smelling and it caused me to immediately throw my laptop on the side table next to the couch and jump up to run into MY bathroom to investigate further. Continue reading…

Come and See!!

By Kay on Thu, Nov 15, 2007

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Today we were outside playing the in the back yard because it’s FINALLY dipped below 80 degrees here in Houston! Finally, fall weather!! But, I digress…

SwingWe were having a blast sliding on the slides, playing pirates, feeding the dog sticks (yes, she was actually eating them – weird, huh?), and pretending to fish. After a while, Kate wandered over to the deck to sit on the porch swing. She came running back over to me saying, “Mommy! Come and see!! There’s ants on the swing! Come and see!!!” Continue reading…

Free Shipping at One Step Ahead

By Kay on Sat, Nov 10, 2007

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Looking to do some Christmas shopping? One Step Ahead has some of the best products for parents out there. In fact, many of their products have not only been invented by parents, but have also won awards for their innovation. And now you can enjoy free shipping on orders of $85 or more with Code: VIXEN now through November 30, 2007! Start your holiday shopping off right with this great offer.  One Step Ahead is your source for pre-tested guaranteed, quality baby products!

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“What I’ve Learned in 27 Years of Raising Kids”

By Kay on Fri, Nov 2, 2007

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No, I haven’t had 27 year’s experience in raising kids, that would have made me quite a young mom… πŸ™‚ But, I just re-read a post written by my beautiful friend, spiritual mentor, and pastor’s wife and knew I had to share it with all of you, too. It has some of the most profound statements about motherhood that I’ve read in quite some time. While she’s inspired me to jot down my own list, I think my list would never do her’s justice, so I’ll just leave you to see if you enjoy her list as much as I did. And be sure to leave her a comment if you’d like, too!

Click on this link to read her great list…
“What I’ve Learned in 27 Years of Raising Kids”

Holy cow!! Great use of visuals to help explain the proposed budget cuts and their actual impact on the overall budget.

You’ll never fold tshirts the same way again!

If you ever wanted to hear someone put a mommy’s day into a song, try this one! (I guarantee you’ll laugh your butt off.)

A little on the political side, but interesting nonetheless…

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