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Fashion and Class Pics

By Kay on Tue, Apr 29, 2008


So, my 5yo fashionista decided last night what she was going to wear for her class pictures today.  And I hated it.  It’s a cute little seersucker yellow sundress with embroidered flowers on the front.  (And now all my friends know why I hated it.)  I tried desperately to get her to wear her adorable lime green polo and matching flowered skirt, or her cute bohemian-ish brown dress, or even the pink plaid sundress she wore last year in California.  All to no avail.  Her heart was set on the yellow sundress.  Stubbornly.  (I don’t know where she gets THAT from…)

This morning I tried again from a different tactic. Maybe the dress was too small.  It was from last summer after all.  Let’s try it on and see…

Although it was just a wee bit tight, she INSISTED that this was still what she wanted to wear.  Only now, she’s concerned that the front is a bit low and she should wear a shirt underneath the sundress so no one could see her chest.  (Her words.  Not mine.)  So, now we have a little bit tight yellow seersucker sundress WITH a white tshirt on underneath it.  Can this get any worse for me – cuz ya know it’s really all about me, right?

So, I sucked in a deep breath and said, “Go show your Daddy.  I think it looks kinda funny, but go ask him.”  He’s usually great about backing me up in these things, so even though it was a bit of a gamble, I figured I’d risk it.

She comes back with a huge grin on her face. (Oh, no.) “Daddy says I look pretty.”  I’m done.  Outnumbered. The deal is sealed.  There’s no convincing her otherwise once her Daddy has told her she looks pretty.  (Which I’m usually VERY grateful for, just not when I’m trying to convince her to wear something different. 😛 ) 

Reluctantly, I picked out the yellow bow to match the dress, fixed her hair (thank God there were no fights about hair styles today), fed her breakfast, made her lunch and sent her out the door to preschool in the yellow sundress.  I have the sinking feeling that this won’t be the last picture day that we will argue over her clothing.  And I’m sure it won’t be long till I’m BEGGING her to put ON a shirt underneath that strappy sundress to try to cover more of her ‘chest’.  So, I should just be happy that the ‘argument’ this morning was what it was.  And I’ll get over myself soon.  She should be able to feel pretty on picture day.  Even if her mommy doesn’t like her choice of dress.

Shawn just walked back in from dropping her off at school.  He told me that her teacher said picture day is this coming Thursday.

Relief washes over me and then is suddenly replaced by dread.  What will she pick out on Thursday???  I give up…


So, I know I’m not the only one to face this drama.  What’s your fashionista story???  Please share in the comments below so that we can both laugh about this one day.

Tips for Dating an Apple Geek

By Kay on Mon, Apr 21, 2008


My beautiful husband posted this today and I just had to share with all my friends that read my blog.  (Yes, all THREE of you 🙂 )

As the wife of a computer geek I found this youtube video especially funny.  There have been MANY times that I’ve tried to have a conversation with my husband while he was coding a website only to be frustrated with the back of his head.  I used to tease him that I could dance around naked while he was coding and he would only wave his hand back at me while saying, “Yeh, yeh.  Just a couple more minutes and I’ll be done with this page.” only to fall asleep while waiting the 2 hours is took him to actually come to bed.  Ah, the glamorous life of a computer geek’s wife!  🙂

Enjoy what he has to say and then click on the video.  Think of it as ‘ a day in the life’ of… well, me.  😀

Tips for Dating an Apple Geek

Earth Day: Kid-Friendly Ideas

By Kay on Fri, Apr 18, 2008

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So, Tuesday, April 22nd, is Earth Day.  And, I’m wanting to do SOMETHING with my kids to mark this day as special.  We already do a little bit of recycling at our house and we ‘celebrated’ Earth Hour a few weeks ago by watching the first Indy Race of the season in the dark (see this post about Earth Hour) – btw, we would have gone completely dark, but hello! the FIRST Indy race of the season?  Couldn’t miss that one.  🙂  All of that, but I’m still feeling the need to do something more, especially on a day set aside specifically for the purpose of recognizing the earth and our contribution to the environment.

So, I’ve been doing a little googling and have come up with a few ideas that I think we can handle here with a 5yo, 3yo, and 18mo.  Here’s a couple of links for your reading enjoyment…

Tin Can Herb PotsTin Can Herb Pots – This looks like lots of fun and I figure we can use the end products as gifts if we want.

Coffee Ground Fossils – I have to admit that this one REALLY appealed to the Earth Science teacher in me…

Rice Krispie Earth –  Okay.  This just looked yummy.  How long HAS it been since I’ve had a Rice Krispie treat anyways??

“Stained Glass” Butterflies – Not sure how this really fits in to the whole Earth Day theme, but it brings back such fun memories of my own childhood, that I HAD to include it. 

There were SO many other ideas out there that it was almost overwhelming!!  I figure we’ve got to save some ideas for next year, though, right?  🙂

So, what are YOU doing to celebrate Earth Day this year?  Leave me a comment so I can change my mind again about what I want to do!

Unwanted Baggage

By Kay on Fri, Apr 11, 2008

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BaggageNormally I don’t try to wax eloquent on philosophical matters (probably because I’m usually so distracted by the poopy bottoms, crayons on the floor, and the leaking sippy cup being carried across my carpet that I can’t really think all that deeply).  But, this one has me really thinking, so I thought I’d share.  And if you’re too distracted by the wailing kiddos in the background at your house, just skip this one and enjoy the funny one I posted yesterday.  🙂 Continue reading…

Overheard at Our House…

By Kay on Thu, Apr 10, 2008

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Ethan (pointing at his poopy bottom while I’m changing his diaper):  It’s right there.

No, duh.   Like I didn’t know where the poopy was and needed his help pointing it out.

Then, Ethan (coming microscopically close to touching the poopy on his bottom):  I don’t touch it.

Thank GOD!  Cuz that’s what I need.  A poopy bottom to be wiped AND a poopy hand to be washed.

When will this boy potty train???????

Holy cow!! Great use of visuals to help explain the proposed budget cuts and their actual impact on the overall budget.

You’ll never fold tshirts the same way again!

If you ever wanted to hear someone put a mommy’s day into a song, try this one! (I guarantee you’ll laugh your butt off.)

A little on the political side, but interesting nonetheless…

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