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Shawn & Kay Honored by Culture Shapers

By Kay on Mon, Nov 24, 2008

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Shawn and I were honored by Culture Shapers, the art contest that we helped start and have worked for over the past 10 years, at the Awards Ceremony earlier this week. Shawn wrote up a great post about it for his company’s site, since he’s provided all the graphics for it since it’s inception. Here’s a small portion of what he wrote:

Shawn & Kay Hesketh were honored for a decade of service to the high school art community of Houston during the 9th Annual Culture Shapers Visual Arts Awards Ceremony on Thursday, November 20th, 2008.

Ernie Fitzpatrick, co-founder of the art contest, along with his wife, Lyn, presented the award to the Heskeths in front of a live audience, as he credited Shawn with the original idea for the Culture Shapers art contest as the result of a series of brainstorming meetings in 1999.

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The Mother Letter Project

By Kay on Sat, Nov 22, 2008


The Mother Letter Project is one of the most thoughtful things I’ve heard of in a while and I just had to share.

Instead of spending lots of money on each other for Christmas, a husband and wife have decided to make gifts for each other and donate the money they would have spent to a village in Africa they visited this summer. The husband decided it would be cool to do something to encourage his wife with a collection of letters from other mothers. So, he’s opened it up to the internet and asked mothers everywhere to send him letters of encouragement, tips, wisdom, etc that he can compile into a book to present to her for Christmas. Here’s a portion of what he’s said:

As you may already know, I am creating Christmas for my wife this year and this is the site devoted to her present. Simply stated, I am collecting a series of “open letters” from mothers, to mothers. I am asking you to share your stories β€” no matter how raw or difficult. Share you concerns or worries β€” no matter how foolish they may seem. Share your wisdom β€” no matter how you came by it. Share your mother story. The only request? Start the letter “Dear Mother” and sign it. I will compile all of the letters in a Christmas book for both my wife AND YOU. If you share a letter before Christmas you will receive a copy of the Mother Letters.

I know that I’ll be writing a letter soon (as soon as the kiddos go down for bedtime and I can think clearly again) because a mother of any level of experience has something valid, beautiful, and encouraging to say about motherhood. And consider this my challenge to you to do the same… In fact, I’ll write another post when I’ve finished my letter just to let you know I’ve done it and now it’s your turn.

So, are you on?? Leave me a comment and let me know if you’re up for it, too!

Not Enough Play Time?

By Kay on Fri, Nov 21, 2008


I’ve been making an effort to listen in on my kids more during their independent play times recently. I’ve been truly amazed to hear them interact with each other in all sorts of pretend roles. They’re pirates, or puppies, or a family (and sometimes gender doesn’t dictate who’s the mommy or daddy, too!). I have to say that I’ve loved ‘eavesdropping’ on their creative play. It’s truly amazing to me what kids will do and think of and act out if just given a little time and space. And while I know that I’m a much different mom than some, I kind of like that my kids can play really well without me – even at such young ages. But, I’m also noticing that when I do interact in that time (and even get a little silly myself), I somehow wind up scoring HUGE points in their emotional banks. So, I’m trying to learn how to do both well.

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Amazon’s 4-Day Super Sales in November

By Kay on Mon, Nov 17, 2008

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Just found out about Amazon’s 4-Day Super Sales and it looks like there’s going to be some amazing deals throughout the month of November, much less on Black Friday.

Here’s a couple of ideas of the great bargains they’re offering:

Be sure to check out the dates on all the promotions as each of them has different set of days that they are valid.

Happy Shopping! Be sure to brag here about all the money you saved, too!! πŸ™‚

Books We Love: The Princess and the Pea

By Kay on Fri, Nov 14, 2008


Since we go to the library on an almost weekly basis and have probably checked out hundreds of books at this point, I thought it would be fun to start a category of small posts about the books we’ve enjoyed the most. So, here’s your first glimpse at one of our favorite books of late. I hope you enjoy and also share with us some of your favorites, too!

The Princess and the Pea, by Lauren Child

A bit about the book…
The Princess and the Pea has long been a favorite fairy tale of mine, so when I saw this title, I just had to check it out. When we got home to read it, I realized that, while based on Hans Christian Anderson’s original tale, it was a version written and illustrated by Lauren Child, the author and illustrator of Charlie and Lola, a book series and one of our favorite cartoons on the Disney Channel.

Lauren’s artwork is really fascinating because she uses a mixture of photographed and hand-sketched elements together to make a very unique look. The kids enjoy it because it’s a bit whimsical and her characters are so funny. The parents love it because of the depth and detail of each picture. You’ll catch yourself saying, “Oh my gosh. Look! It’s a teeninesy little bowl of peas on the kitchen table.” “Wow! Look at the detail on the chandelier” and on and on…

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Holy cow!! Great use of visuals to help explain the proposed budget cuts and their actual impact on the overall budget.

You’ll never fold tshirts the same way again!

If you ever wanted to hear someone put a mommy’s day into a song, try this one! (I guarantee you’ll laugh your butt off.)

A little on the political side, but interesting nonetheless…

Children’s Books We’ve Read