Baby’s Smile and Your Brain

By Kay on Thu, Jul 10, 2008

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You know the magical moment…  

The one where you gasp, your heart completely melts, and you’re filled with more joy than you ever thought a human could feel…  

Baby Karis SmilesThe moment when your baby first smiles at you.

Well, apparently, some super-smart people at Baylor College of Medicine decided to find out exactly what that smile does to a mom.

Here’s what they say:

They found that when the mothers saw their own infants’ faces, key areas of the brain associated with reward lit up during the scans.

“These are areas that have been activated in other experiments associated with drug addiction,” said Strathearn. “It may be that seeing your own baby’s smiling face is like a ‘natural high'”.

Read more about their findings here…  Much can be gleaned from reaction to baby’s smile

What I love is that scientists are just confirming what all mothers around the world already know.  There’s nothing better than your baby’s smile! 🙂
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