Cleaning Up After a Bloody Nose

By Kay on Wed, Sep 19, 2007

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When I woke Kate up for school the other morning, she had a pretty good bloody nose going. It had gotten on her night gown, soaked into her pillow, and gone through her sheet and into her new mattress! I got her cleaned up, pulled all the sheets and pillow off her bed before she could see it all, and got her off to school.

When I got back home I started to google how to get blood out of a mattress. The last thing I wanted was for the stain to set and be there for the next 20 years! (BTW, yes, I do normally have a mattress protector on the bed, but the last time we changed sheets it was because she had peed, so I had to wash everything and of course, it wasn’t all dry in time for bed, so we just put on the extra set of linens without the mattress pad…)

I found several different ideas about how to remove the blood and decided to go with the one that made the most sense to me – cold water, a damp rag, and some Hydrogen Peroxide. First I used a rag that was wet with cold water (warm or hot water will set a stain) to soak up as much of the blood as I could – I even used my knee to put extra weight behind it to try to get it out from the deep places it had soaked into. Then when I’d gotten as much as I could out with just cold water, I poured a little hydrogen peroxide into the cap and dribbled just the tiniest amount on the stain. I let it work for a few seconds and then soaked that up with the damp rag. I did that several times until the stain came all the way out. It really was amazing to watch the mattress go back to the original shade of off-white as the hydrogen peroxide did it’s magic. And now, the mattress looks good as new (at least in that spot anyways. we won’t talk about the pee stain further down on the bed…)

Also, for the laundry, I used Shout Laundry Stain Remover Gel which I HIGHLY recommend. It’s always done a great job of removing stains on my kids clothes (and you know how messy toddlers can be, especially when they’re eating things like chocolate pudding and red popsicles!). Sure enough, all the linens cleaned up great, too.

So, by the time Kate got home from school, she had fresh linens (including a mattress pad this time!!) on her bed and no stains to speak of. Just thought I’d share my experience with you in case any of you run into the same problem… 🙂

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  1. Karen Says:

    Thanks so much for the cleaning tip! I love them!

  2. Jen Says:

    Thank you so much. It’s just oast midnight and my aon woke up with a bloody nose. Big patch on the white mattess, though it was ruined. Couldn’t find the peroxide but then remembered my contact solution is peroxide. Used that and it worked like a charm. Can’t tell anything was even there. Life saver at 12:30 am! Thanks!!!

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