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By Kay on Thu, Mar 27, 2008

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I was browsing some of my favorite blogs the other day and ran across OrgJunkie’s latest fun. While I love that there are others out there that are as ‘freakish’ as I am about organizing, Laura’s posts seem to be some of the best. She’s now doing a monthly challenge to all her readers called Org Junkie’s Monthly Organizing Round-Up. The month of February was a challenge to organize some portion or all of your kitchen. Unfortunately I missed the deadline on that one, even though I did just recently reorganize some of my kitchen cabinets. (I had to do something to house my new beautiful plates!)

But, I’m SO in on March. This month’s challenge has been the dining room. While we don’t have a formal dining room anymore (it’s now a playroom), the area in the kitchen where we eat was starting to get over-run by my daughter’s craft supplies. Since she’s a budding artist (she takes after her daddy), we have a little bit of everything and somehow it’s always on the kitchen table and the windowseat behind it. Here’s a ‘before’ pic for your amusement.

So, my goal this month has been to clean up the windowseat and therefore all the craft supplies and move them somewhere higher (where the 18 month old can’t get ahold of crayons to write on the floors and walls with) and more organized in ONE space.

Check back in with me in about a week and I’ll show you the finished project. Or, at least the ‘finished-for-now’ project. Because, seriously, is any project truly and thoroughly completed? Isn’t there always just ONE more thing we want to do to make it perfect? Or maybe that’s just the German perfectionism in me coming out…

Oh, and don’t you want to join me and all the other ‘freaks’ that are organizing their dining rooms this month? Add a comment below about what your next project is going to be!

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  1. Karen Says:

    Ok, I must visit that blog! My next project shall be…my closet under the stairs!

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