Egg & Sausage Muffins

By Kay on Fri, Jul 11, 2008

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I’ve been following lurking around the RocksInMyDryer blog for a little while now and have been thoroughly enjoying her “Works for Me Wednesday” posts.  She usually has it open to everyone to post their own links for whatever topic she’s designated and I wind up spending a few minutes hours following all the links to great posts.  

Works for Me Wednesdays

So, this week’s topic was 5-ingredient recipes.  My kind of cooking!  Needless to say, I’ve spent lots of time perusing everyone’s creative ideas and have bookmarked several to try out.

The first recipe I tried was for Egg & Sausage Muffins at ISpeakBeanish. They turned out great!!  I added some cheese (hello – I AM a cheese-aholic!) and then I blended up some fresh yellow squash and zucchini to “hide” inside the egg mixture that you pour over the sausage. You couldn’t even taste the veggies (thank goodness, otherwise my family wouldn’t have eaten them) and the two oldest kiddos LOVED them.  We had plenty leftover for breakfast the next day and I’m about to freeze the rest to have on hand for whenever Shawn needs a quick breakfast to go with his morning coffee.

So, slide on over to ISpeakBeanish for her great recipe (she’s a Houston local, y’all!!) or to RocksInMyDryer for more ideas for dinner tonight and enjoy.  Oh, and then you have to tell me which one YOU did and how it turned out so I can be sure to add it to my list! 🙂

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5 Comments For This Post

  1. Karen Says:

    Cool idea!!

  2. Dana-Susan Crews Says:

    Hi, I came across your blog through another site and was surprised when I saw your photo. I knew your husband many years ago. What a beautiful family you have! Ask Shawn if he remembers Dana-Susan, Danna and Nancy. My friend Nancy is having a baby girl in a few days and she is naming her Karis. I just phoned her to tell her I saw a blog from Shawn Hesketh’s wife and they have a daughter with the same name. Please say hello to your husband (if he remembers me). Your little blog is lovely.

  3. Kim Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the shout-out for the Egg and Sausage Muffin recipe. I’m with you. I always add cheese too. I’ve discovered my cooking philosophy includes a healthy dose of “there’s not much that doesn’t taste better with the addition of some mushrooms and cheese.”

    Thanks again for the mention!

  4. Kay Says:

    What a small world we live in! Shawn remembers the three of you, and says that he and Jon always had fun when they got to hang out with you all. And I can’t believe that there’s someone else out there naming their baby Karis. It’s such a unique name – we actually ‘borrowed’ it from an adult friend of ours with the name. We love it’s depth of meaning, especially in regards to what we went through with her during pregnancy… but, that’s another story altogether… 🙂

    I went to your site and saw the pics of YOUR beautiful family. What a story you have to tell! Incredible!

    Glad you found us and look forward to more shared life in the future!

  5. Kay Says:

    You’re welcome. And I love your cooking philosophy. I think I may adapt it for my own purposes. Mine wouldn’t include mushrooms (too slimy for me), but might include sauteed onions… 🙂

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