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By Kay on Tue, Dec 30, 2008

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I know you’ve all been there. You just sat down to finally eat YOUR pancakes after standing at the stove cooking them all day and all the kids can say is, “Mommy, can you cut my pancakes?” Five minutes later your own pancakes are cold (GROSS!) and the kid who you first cut up pancakes for is now done and ready for the next one. So, here’s the scoop on how to make things a little easier on ya:

Pizza CutterWaffles:
My husband just discovered this method and I tried it this morning and FELL. IN. LOVE.

Use a pizza wheel. I still like to follow the straight lines of the waffle pattern. Shawn likes to cut waffles up like a pie. Follow your heart on that, but definitely pick up the pizza cutter to do it!

I can’t stand having to cut the crust off of sandwiches (my kids have learned to either eat them or just eat around them), but when company comes over, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. So, I’ve learned to grab this kitchen accessory:

It’s officially called a “Bash ‘N Chop Cutter” because you’re supposed to be able to ‘bash’ the garlic and then chop it with the sharp end. But, ask me how many times I’ve actually used it to chop any vegetable, much less garlic… 🙂 Works great for cutting the edges of the bread and also cutting sandwiches into squares or triangles or ‘soldiers’ (long skinny rectangles).

Oxo Apple Corer and DividerApples:
Don’t know if you have one of these lying around, but I LOVE my apple corer/divider. It makes chopping apples up into slices for the kiddos super easy. This one is a little more expensive, but I think I was able to pick one up at IKEA for about a buck…

Pancakes:Squeeze Condiment
You could probably use the “Bash ‘N Chop Cutter” or the Pizza Wheel to cut pancakes, but I actually prefer to just make smaller pancakes to begin with. I like to make lots of little silver dollar pancakes and tell the kids to eat them in one bite, or just pick them up with their fingers (messy when you use syrup, but worth the extra hand washing to preserve my sanity). Of course, you could always use this MeckMom tip and buy a cheap condiment dispenser too…

So, those are my tips for you. What things do you do in the kitchen to help make kid food easier??

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Kay- I LOVE using the pizza cutter to cut our pancakes and waffles also. I’ve been doing it for about a year now, and it makes life much much easier.
    For sandwiches, I also use cookie cutters to make my kids sandwiches into different “fun” shapes. Brayden prefers trains, and Kaylee prefers hearts. But since I don’t usually make cookie cutter shaped cookies (slice n bake is the way to go) at least I can use those cookie cutters for something.

  2. Karen Says:

    I gotta try it!

  3. Kay Says:

    Thanks for the reminder about cookie cutters! Ethan just got some train cookie cutters for Christmas that we’ll have to try out. 🙂

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