Growth Spurt at 9 Months

By Kay on Fri, Jul 27, 2007

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Karis’ CheeksMy baby girl, Karis, just turned into an eating machine! She was doing great nursing and eating a few solids (mostly cereal) during the day until a couple of weeks ago. Then all of a sudden she couldn’t get enough! My normally laid back, sweet-tempered baby started wailing within only an hour or two of the last meal.

At first I blamed it on teething.

Then I blamed it on not getting enough sleep.

Then it hit me.

She’s nine months old.

Time for a growth spurt.

So, my beautiful baby has gone into an eating frenzy for about the last 2 weeks. It seemed that every time I fed her, she couldn’t get enough. I could feed her a jar of baby food, another jar mixed with cereal, and more cheerios than you can shake a stick at, and she would still eat more!!!

That wouldn’t have been such a bad thing in and of itself. But, then she started waking up in the middle of the night again. Karis has been sleeping through the night since she was about 4 months old. So, this was NOT what I wanted to see happening. She had her last nursing at night around 10 or 11, then would wake up at 2, 4, AND 6 to eat again. Every time I would try to get her to just take her pacifier and go back to sleep (this USED to work), she would SCREAM at me and bat at my hands and the pacifier. And if I actually got the paci into her mouth, she would rip it out of her mouth indignantly, look at me as though I had betrayed her, and scream even louder until I would break down and finally nurse her.

I mentioned this, my lack of sleep, and my growing grouchiness to a good friend of mine a few days ago. After laughing with me and assuring me that it was most definitely a growth spurt, she asked me if I’d started giving Karis yogurt.

Yogurt? I hadn’t really thought about it yet.

She said to give Karis yogurt at night before her last nursing. That should give her enough calories for her tummy to work on and let her stay asleep through the night. So, for two nights, I tried it. And sure enough, Karis slept! (And I was in heaven!) Then, the next night, Shawn and I both forgot…

until 4 in the morning, when Karis woke up hungry again…

So, the past few nights, we’ve been making sure to fill up her little belly with yogurt before putting her to bed.

And I’ve slept so well…. I mean, SHE’S slept so well… 🙂

Thanks for the tip, Gabby! Maybe now I won’t be quite so grouchy!!!

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  1. Patricia Hoy Says:

    My son has been doing this for about a week now too.. he’s 9 months also. He’s driving me nuts!! Worrying me sick too.. he’s normally a laid back guy.. now he’s so crabby, sleepless and seriously insistent all the time!!! Eat eat eat!! It’s disturbing his sleep (nap and nighttime) and everyone else’s!

    I also think he’s popping teeth too.. teeth and a growth spurt.. yecch.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I am experiencing a similar problem with my daughter, and I will definetely try the yogurt! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kay Says:

    So glad to be of help to another mom out there! Be sure to let me know if the yogurt works for you like it did for us! 🙂

  4. Jackie Says:

    Yogurt is a great tip…I will definitely try it with my 9 month old, Ryan.

  5. Vero Says:

    I’m trying the yogurt TOMORROW!!! My little guy is 9 months old and he’s been really cranky and demanding for the past few days, eating like he got the “munchies” LOL! and of course nursing every 2 hours at night (so I’m a very tired mommy!).

    Fingers crossed that the yogurt does the trick!

  6. Kay Says:

    Here’s hoping that it works for you and you get some much needed (and deserved) sleep, too, Mommy! Let me know how it works for you!

  7. Bethany Says:

    This is exactly where we are right now with our 9 month old little man…needless to say I am headed to the store now to get some yogurt 🙂 Thank you!!!

  8. Allyson Says:

    This is so reassuring to read that other people have lived through all the craziness that we’re going through now. Our 9 month old is doing exactly what yours did… and the sleep disruption is more than we can take! We’re going to try yogurt tonight! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  9. Heather Says:

    The yogurt may have been working because of the potassium, rather than because it’s filling. We give our son his main meal of solids before bed every night (followed by a bath and *another* round of nursing), but at 9 months, he’s just started waking in the middle of the night again to nurse (after being a 12-straight-hours, through-the-night sleeper since 5 months). The potassium would help the growing pains, though.

    The teething just sucks, though. Yogurt doesn’t help that. :/

  10. Tina Says:

    OMG… im so glad i found this blog. Mine son was a very happy go lucky boy then he turned 9 months and just like that, he is crabby, whiney and stopped sleeping through the night. He also very attached to me all of a sudden. its been a week now so I hope his growing spurt is nearly done. I thought I was doing something wrong.

  11. Made Mommy Says:

    This yogurt trick has worked for us the last three nights thanks to this blog. Now I know I’ve just jinxed myself and DD will be up again tonight just to spite me 😉 either way, excellent advice!

  12. Shelley Says:

    Thank God for this post. This is our baby to a “T” right now. We’ve always called him our “mellow fellow,” until the last week. He just screams until he gets a bottle. He’s 37 weeks and already in size 12 months, so I’m a little concerned about how much more he will grow right now! At this rate, he’ll be playing basketball next week. Thanks for the advice and community.

  13. Alex Says:

    hey just out of curiosity before i go to the shop to get yogurt
    is this baby yogurt or normal yogurt cause i thought they couldnt have normal yogurt till a year old oh and what flavour do you use??

  14. Kay Says:

    Yip, I used baby yogurt – probably plain or vanilla to start with. I think I probably used organic, too, since it’s easier on baby’s belly. 🙂

  15. Tami Says:

    I’m trying yogurt for the first time tonight….fingers crossed!

  16. Kay Says:

    Crossing our fingers with ya! 🙂

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