Kate, The Princess

By Kay on Sun, Sep 28, 2008

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Do you see the tiara?

A few weeks ago I went to pick up Ethan from Mother’s Day Out.  One of his teachers was sharing with me that he enjoyed the story of Peter Pan that day and was one of the few children in the class that recognized Tinker Bell.  I laughed as I told her that didn’t surprise me since his older sister is a ‘princess’, so at our house we know all about princesses and fairies and such.

His other teacher overheard our conversation and started to laugh with us.  She knew Kate from school last year and she added her take to the story.  She said,


Oh, yes.  Kate is most definitely a princess.  She’s always wearing her tiara.  You may not always see it, but it’s always there.

After laughing hysterically, I came home and told Shawn this story.  He also laughed his butt off.  We decided then and there that this was most definitely the best description of our daughter, ever.  She is always carrying herself like royalty, constantly reminding her siblings of how things ought to be done (she told Ethan that he wouldn’t be invited to her tea parties again because he was not using his manners), but also constantly generous to those around her.

So now, whenever Kate does something particularly ‘princess-y’, Shawn and I just look at eachother, laugh, and say, “You may not see the tiara, but it’s always there!”

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Karen Says:

    That is tooo funny!!! I love the manners comment!!
    Love ya,

  2. Talitha Says:

    Aw…this story makes me miss your kiddos! I really need to come out there and visit more often 🙂

  3. Kay Says:

    Isn’t the manners comments hilarious??? She makes me laugh so much. Especially since I don’t think I was EVER as girly as she is!

    Would love to see you more often. I know the kiddos really enjoyed your visit, too! You should totally just move to Houston… 🙂

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