Lapbooking for Dummies

By Kay on Fri, May 1, 2009

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Have you heard of lapbooking? While it’s a very common method of teaching lately, especially amongst homeschoolers, I’m just now dipping my toe into this gigantic ocean of possibilities.

I’ve decided that I want to focus on butterflies for the month of May, and I’d love to have a lapbook as our final product for all that we’ve learned. So, now, I’m off to figure out exactly what is a lapbook? and how do we make one? and how long it will take? and what is a mini-book exactly?

So, for your learning pleasure, I’ve decided to document my researching trip into this new land of lapbooking. And, PLEASE, add your favorite sites to the comments below. I’m definitely the Dummy needing to learn LOTS more!! 🙂


What is a lapbook?

How do you make a lapbook?

How long will it take?

What is a mini-book?

What are some easy mini-books that I can make?

Starting Lapbooking and what to avoid…

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