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It seems that, over the past five years, almost everyone I know has been pregnant and having babies, including myself. And we all know how welcome it is to have wonderful friends and family help out with meals during those first few weeks home with a newborn. But, sometimes, planning that rotation of meals can become quite challenging and time consuming. Plus, having to repeat yourself 15 times about, “no, we really don’t care for seafood and the older kids don’t need to eat anymore chicken nuggets, thanks.” gets pretty old.

Enter the digital era of meal planning!

Sample Meal Calendar

Sample Meal Calendar from MealBaby.com

MealBaby.com is a great place to combine all the different aspects of meal planning all in one place. You can sign up and create a ‘registry’ for yourself or for a friend. You create a schedule of when those meals need to happen and calendar those dates. There’s a place to specify food likes and dislikes, address, map, and contact information for the family in need. You can also specify near-by restaurants that folks can buy a gift card for if they aren’t able to provide a home-cooked meal. And that’s it! Enter the names and email addresses of the folks you want to ask to help provide the meals and the site takes care of the rest.

What’s perfect about this is the ability for ALL involved to see at a glance what meals are being provided and when. Everyone can see which dates are available and choose the one that works best for them.  Plus, the recipient family can see the same schedule, allowing them to plan their own in-between dates better, and know who to call if plans change at the last minute.  My personal favorite thing?  That you can see what other people have registered to bring so that you aren’t the one bringing spaghetti for the third night in a row!  🙂

So, the next time a friend of yours has a baby, or goes comes home from surgery, or just needs a little TLC from her friends, check out MealBaby.com

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  1. Sara Says:

    SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU! At church, the worship arts has a ministry just for providing meals to new families…so this will be very appreciated. And I get to say that my cool sister found it!! 🙂

  2. Kay Says:

    Isn’t this the best? Shawn actually found it for me. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I started checking more into it. Such a great use of web technology!!

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