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By Kay on Wed, Sep 12, 2007

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I think I figured out one of the things that makes my heart sing… Apparently I’m in love with all things organizational. (I know. All of you who know me well are saying in unison and very loudly, ‘well, duh!’)

A few days ago, my sister sent me a link to a mom’s website that has all sorts of organizational tips. This is not the first link like it that she’s sent me and each one she’s sent has made me fall more and more in love. But this site… this site made me really happy. In fact, I made the mistake of clicking on the link only an hour before we needed to leave for church. I couldn’t stop reading.

I kept looking at the clock and thinking, ‘oh, just one more article’ until there was like five minutes left to get myself and all three kids ready to head out the door. I even got so excited about a couple of her ideas that I took my laptop into Shawn’s office and interrupted his work flow to share (which btw, he just loves. Oh, wait…) I sat down next to him and said, “You know how you love to show me all the latest gadgets and groovy software that makes you happy? Well, I’ve found my equivalant. So, I’m sorry that this won’t excite you nearly as much as it does me, but I just HAD to share…”

Not only does this lady have GREAT ideas, but they’re all easy 10-15 minute fixes… And they are all cheap (think plastic bins from Wal-Mart instead of wooden organizational systems from Pottery Barn)… AND, where she’s used labels or charts for things, she’s actually included the word document that she created with the pictures and everything for you to download and use yourself. So, you can literally just print it out and go.

So, go check out MeckMom.com whenever you have a couple of minutes (or an hour, if you’re like me). She’s got great tips on how to organize a pantry, or a refrigerator, or even a bunch of board games. She’s also got WONDERFUL kid ideas (she has three of her own – hmm, maybe that’s why I like her) like how to get a kid to clean their own room by themselves, help pick up their toys around the house, and even put on their underwear and pants the right way.

All I know is that I’m in love. And I think that there’s a little part of me that wants to be like MeckMom when I grow up… 🙂

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