My Dishes Saga Continued

By Kay on Sat, Mar 29, 2008

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Just figured I’d update you on my dishes saga since I bored you with the original story. 🙂

I went to Target yesterday with intent of buying my dishes – you know, the ones that I wanted, not the ones that KATE wanted… 🙂 I get there only to discover they’ve cleared out the Global Bazaar section and are bringing in patio furniture and Easter stuff in that section of the store now. Great. So, don’t panic, just go look where all the other plates are. Do they still have the ones that I want?

Target's Sharp Square Dinnerware Set

No. Of course not. So, I go home dejected. Again.

Shawn mentions the possibility of buying them online. Hope reborn! I go online and… sadly, they are ‘not available’ anymore and the serving dishes that match are on clearance. Boo. Sad again.

Since most of my ‘dishes money’ is cash, I decided to widen the search to ALL dinnerware Target and otherwise. After much searching on many sites including IKEA, Linens-n-things, other major department stores, etc and still not finding the ‘right’ ones that called my name, I went to Walmart.com expecting NOTHING of course. It IS Walmart after all. What kind of good quality, trendy dishes are going to be at Walmart?

Oneida Blue Reflections Dinnerware Set
I can’t wait to go to Walmart and check them out in person. And maybe even BRING THEM HOME!

Don’t worry. I won’t take Kate with me this time! 🙂

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  1. MIMI Says:

    I think the dishes you purchased will be appreciated more.

    One reason is because they are totally different from the
    ones you did not get. So then, when you use them in the
    future, you will not remember the unpleasant Saga.

    Another reason is because you actually were able to go
    successfully and purchased the dishes that you wanted,
    without any bother by anyone else.

    Finally, you actually were able to honor your parents wishes
    in spending your birthday money on yourself and on what you
    really wanted to buy for yourself. That is very successful for
    a Mommy to be able to do that.

    By the way, the icee reward is an awesome idea.
    Love ya!

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