My Hurricane Ike Addendum

By Kay on Sat, Sep 27, 2008

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Karis’ 2nd birthday was the Wednesday after Hurricane Ike hit.  (I know.  Happy Birthday to her, right?)  We had already decided long before Ike that we were going to have a low-key celebration with just our family and maybe an additional small playdate at a local park with a few friends.  So, Ike just confirmed those plans for us.

One of the traditions I like for my kids’ birthdays is to make a cake or cupcakes or cookies for them for their big day.  (Not because I’m good at it – I did NOT get the baking genes passed down from my grandma and mom – but just because it’s something special that I don’t normally do throughout the year.) With the entire city out of dairy products, though, that was going to be impossible.  Every cake mix requires eggs or milk or both.  Since I was already having a little bit of a difficult time accepting my baby becoming a toddler (I wouldn’t allow Shawn to even use the word toddler around me during that last week.), this just added to the emotion for me.

Somehow, my sweet mother-in-law found about my little breakdown and went to a store 20 minutes away that had dairy.  She bought me a cake mix, eggs, milk, and even the icing for on top.  That has to be one of the most thought-full things someone has done for me in a long time.  I made the cake with great thankfulness and didn’t even get upset when it broke a little coming out of the pan.  I iced it and then decorated it with mini-marshmallows from my pantry that I then colored with food coloring.

It was not the most beautiful cake I’ve ever made.  But, it was definitely filled with the most love.  Karis will probably not even remember anything about this birthday, but I will remember that someone special paid attention to the smallest of details to make it memorable for me.

Thank you, Brenda.  🙂

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  1. Karen Says:

    It made me tear up to hear what your MIL thought to do! How very very sweet.

    I am so like you —I laughed when I read the part about you telling Shawn not to even say the “word” that would bring emotions…too cute…you can always have another, adopt one, or just love on your future neices and nephews!!! I will always see Matthew as my baby and I understand a different emotion knowing that unless God did something totally miraculous, he will be our last physical birth!
    I want to see a picture of the cake, by the way…is there one?

  2. Brenda Says:

    I am tearing up, also. I love being part of my family. Somehow, I feel connected to that
    cake that Mommy made for little Baby daughter, Karis. I am thankful for being able to help you.

    As for our children, they will always be our babies. But, I know how fast the baby days
    go by. It is good to have the memories of the precious days we had with little ones.
    And, we do need to enjoy every day with them. For example, your babies will always
    remember Mommy and Daddy reading to them as you snuggle with them. That is

    I love you all!

    I love

  3. Kay Says:

    No more physical births here either – at least, if Shawn and I have anything to say about it! 🙂 I’ll just have to continue to enjoy spoiling “nieces and nephews”, both blood-related and friend-related, too. I’ll see if I can scrounge up a pic of the cake. I think Shawn took one for me, I just need to figure out which camera it’s on…

    Well, we’re thankful that you’re thankful that we’re all a part of this big crazy family! Wouldn’t have it any other way!! 🙂

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