Ode to MeckMom’s Refrigerator

By Kay on Tue, Oct 9, 2007

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BEFORE_FrigSo, after I re-organized my pantry ala MeckMom’s suggestions, I decided to try her idea for the refrigerator, too. As you can see from this ‘before’ picture, my refrigerator really needed some help! Everything was all crammed in with no real sense of rhyme or rhythm to it. And it always took forever to get to the pickles in the way back of the frig. (And you know how frustrating that is when you’re trying to make the perfect sandwich!)


I went to our local dollar store to get the baskets for my pantry, and found these ‘industrial’ Lazy Susan wheels there. So, I picked up three! While I really would have preferred white to match the rest of the refrigerator, I wasn’t going to be picky for a buck! I was able to re-organize my pickles & olives, drinks, and condiments. It’s so nice to be able to just spin the wheel to get to the hard-to-reach stuff in the back of the refrigerator. Plus, I love the idea of being able to just pick up the entire Lazy Susan to clean up any spills!

After_FrigAnd now, you can see that my refrigerator looks a little more like me. Nice and clean and easy to use and ORGANIZED! Of course, I have to admit that while I only expected this project to take 10-15 minutes, it took me a couple of hours. Not because it’s such a hard thing to do, but because after I took everything out of the refrigerator, I noticed how dirty the shelves and inside walls were. So, I scrubbed down the entire inside of my refrigerator for probably the first time (top to bottom anyways) since we bought it ten years ago! Whew. Exhausting work, but SOOO worth the payoff!!

What about you? Have you found any ‘hacks’ that have helped you re-organize your refrigerator?

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  1. Karen Says:

    Ok, now you have me wanting to do the same! Bring it on Dollar store!

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