Product Review: Step 2’s Sand and Water Table

By Kay on Wed, Oct 10, 2007

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When I decided to buy an outdoor activity table for Kate, I did lots of research. I knew that she LOVED playing in the sand, but didn’t want to necessarily build a ‘real’ sand box in our back yard. So, I went to Amazon.com (of course) and started reading reviews on all the different brands of sand and water activity tables out there. Many of the brand names that I normally would have trusted to make a good quality table got bad reviews and so I wound up purchasing the “Naturally Playful Sand and Water Activity Center” by Step 2 and I’ve never regretted it!

Here’s the product description from Step 2…

This adorable Sand and Water Activity Center features wood crafted styling and nature’s colors that blend with traditional landscapes in residential outdoor living areas. It’s divided into two separate sides – one for water, the other for sand.

It holds up to 20 lbs. of sand and two gallons of water (not included). The eight-piece accessory set includes an umbrella, two bridges, two boats, two pots and one shovel. A durable, one-piece plastic cover keeps the sand clean and dry – and your little ones, too. Elastic tie-downs on the ends of the lid keep it securely attached. Molded-in roadways on the lid provide an additional play surface. Legs detach so product can be used at ground level. An umbrella is included for shaded play (design and colors may vary). Minimal adult assembly required. Measures 20.75″H x 46.25″W x 26″D.

Sand and Water TableI have to say that when I got this table for Kate 2 years ago, I never expected how well it would hold up. This table has lasted through many a thunderstorm and HOT summer days (we DO live in Houston), plus it’s held up to LOTS of kids abusing it, too! It is just heavy enough to be durable, but not so heavy that it’s impossible to move around the yard by myself (even when it’s loaded down with sand).

The ability to fill up one side with water adds to the fun of the table for the kiddos, too! They love being able to build sand castles on one side, while floating boats and motoring monster trucks across the bridges on the other. The water side has a drain so that you can get rid of the nasty water that collects after a rain, too (or when Ethan a certain child fills it with sand). The lid fits VERY snugly and bungees to ensure that rain and bugs stay OUT (when you remember to close it, of course). And Ethan even loves driving his cars around the ‘track’ on the lid, too. The umbrella is a nice addition that allows you to place the table anywhere you’d like and still have shade for those sweet little faces.

My only complaint (and it’s a very small one) is that I wish the sand side also had a drain for when Ethan certain children decide to fill the sand side with water, too. Of course, I’ve found that a decent work-around for this problem is to leave the water side empty so the temptation to go back and forth is alleviated. 🙂

Overall, I give this sand and water table two thumbs up. It’s a great outdoor play table for the kids and it holds up summer after summer. So, if you’re in the market, give this one a look. It’s a great product and priced pretty competitively, too.

What are your favorite outdoor toys that have stood the test of time at your house?

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