Weaning Off of a Pacifier

By Kay on Mon, Jul 30, 2007

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Karis’ BobbyAll three of my kiddos have been very attached to their pacifiers (Karis still IS). So, when it came time to wean them, I was definitely looking for tips on how to do it! Here’s a couple of ideas that I’ve come across…

Kate: Around the time Kate was going to turn two, we decided to try to wean her from her pacifier (which she had named her ‘bobby’). We started by just taking it away during the day while she was playing at first. She would only get her pacifier at nap time and night time to go to sleep. After a couple of weeks of getting used to that, we worked on taking the pacifier away at nap time, too, so that she would only use it to go to sleep at night. This took a little more work, but we would read a story to her and sing a song to her while she was in her bed about to nap. This helped to soothe her and distract her from not having her ‘bobby’. She also had several stuffed animals that she loved and kept in bed with her, too. Then we worked on not using the pacifier every night. Some nights were better than others, some nights I’m sure we gave in and gave her the pacifier, but after a few weeks, she was doing great and not even asking for it. Of course, we did the same bedtime ritual at night that we did at nap time, with a book and song while tucked in bed. Kids love structure, so it’s really important to do the same thing every time.

Ethan was about one when he wound up weaning himself off of pacifiers. For whatever reason, he got to a point where he only liked one kind of pacifier. And, of course, it was the ONLY one of it’s kind in the entire pacifier collection. And, to make matters worse/better it wasn’t a normal pacifier that you could just buy in the baby section of any store. He had gotten himself attached to one of those pacifiers that comes with a gift set of stuff with the pacifier clip used to attach it to their clothes. So, there was really no way to buy another one. Unfortunately, we wound up actually losing that pacifier and that was it. The funny thing is that I then had to call my good friend, Sarah, and ask how to put a baby to sleep WITHOUT a pacifier since I’d never had to do that before. It took about a month to six weeks of difficult nights, but we finally established a night-time ritual of playing the same lullaby CD and patting his back that worked for Ethan.

Friend #1: I have a friend that weaned her kids off of their pacifiers by clipping a little piece off the end of the ‘nipple’ on the pacifier. Just enough to make it uncomfortable to suck on. This worked perfectly the first time with her daughter. But even after cutting a little, and then a little more, and then a little more off her son’s pacifier, he was still stubbornly clenching event the tiniest bit of the pacifier that was left in his teeth. 🙂

Friend #2: I have another friend that weaned one of her kids by ‘throwing away’ (I think she may not have actually thrown them in trash can) a pacifier every time it fell on the floor or otherwise. She explained to her son that the pacifier was ‘dirty’ and had to go in the trash. I think she even had him help by making him throw some of them away. She did this until they were all gone, and then she could say, “Sorry honey, we don’t have anymore pacifiers.”

Friend #3: (Disclaimer – This technique is not necessarily one I would recommend, but it worked for her. 🙂 ) This friend had tried all the other ‘nice’ techniques to weaning a baby off their pacifier and her two and half year old was NOT giving up. Her brother had brought her a small alligator skull as a joke, and she knew her son was a tad scared of it. So, one day when she’d had enough, she took the pacifier, put it in the alligator’s mouth and told her son, “Sorry, the alligator ate it.” He quit his pacifier right then and there! 🙂

What about you? Do you have any suggestions or ideas that you’ve heard or have worked for you? Because I have a feeling, I might need all the help I can get when it comes time to wean Karis. This one came out of the womb looking for something to suck on!!! 🙂

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